Tension Rollers: Style Your Hair the Easy and Healthy Way

Straightening your hair, using a blow dryer and flat iron is not today’s fad anymore. These hair tools get your hair in contact with too much heat, which is not healthy, as it can get your strands damaged eventually. 

 There is a type of hair tool, which you can use easily to straighten or curl your hair and does not use too much heat and is therefore healthy. And you are right - I am talking about tension rollers. Give your newly styled hair that extra edge, vitality and volume by using tension rollers. Some people also call them unisex rollers or hour glass rollers.

The reasons why I insist on tension rollers are plenty, and here are some of them: 

  1. It uses less heat

 As mentioned above, tension rollers do not get your hair in contact with too much heat, as flat irons and blow dryers do. The amount of heat in these tools could be most hurting for your hair. Also, blow-drying your hair, while still wet is not recommended; as this practice is a no-no for hair experts. 

  1. You get straighter hair 

Using a pressing comb, hair dryer or flat iron for a certain time has an effect on even the healthiest hair - it tends to come to a point, where it refuses to be stretched any further. So, what you do is repeat the process the next day, which means more heat. With a tension roller, your hair gets more straightened, before it reaches the resistance point. This is the healthy way to stretch out your curls and get more straight hair. 

  1. You get more volume 

What a healthy-looking hair you get, with more volume! It is full and smooth, thanks to the tension rollers giving you the big curls that imprint your hair with volume, while temporarily allowing you to smoothen your natural curls. 

  1. You get more smoothness 

When done correctly, hair setting, using rollers is a straightening method that is tension-based and uses your wet hair’s flexibility to an advantage. As it dries, the tension rollers work by molding and smoothing and straightening every strand, as opposed to what other hair tools do, which almost melt and deform your precious hair. 

  1. You get hair with bounce 

Tension rollers provide great movement to your hair - that is, serious bounce and flow - which other tools cannot provide. Straightened hair using flat irons, pressing combs and blow dryers make your hair suffer from lack of movement and stiffening. The reason for this is that your hair’s moisture is lost, when affected by direct heat. 

  1. You get a straightness of hair that lasts longer 

A set of tension rollers have amazing stretching power that allow your hair to remain stretched for a longer period of time, giving your hair more mileage. 

So, you want to straighten your hair or give it the best curls? This is not impossible - and can be achieved, with the use of tension rollers or glass hour rollers. These are the right hair rollers to maximize the stretch, with no or minimum impact on your hair.