Relaxing & antistress Face Serum

Relaxing & antistress Face Serum

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Face serum, rich in calming and relaxing active ingredients, giving your skin a sensation of freshness and well-being. Its fresh formula is enriched with organically farmed Vervain (Verbena) and Chamomile Extracts, with calming, decongestant, and relaxing action: organic St. John’s Wort Extract (Hypericum) , with strong refreshing and soothing properties, and Lotus Flower extract, with antioxidant and revitalizing action. Perfect before an evening out or before an important event, for a soft, fresh and relaxed skin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Open the bag. Apply evenly on the whole face, except eyes contour and lips, massaging until completely absorbed. Reseal the bag after use. Apply after face wash on clean skin, morning and evening.

Organic Chamomile Water
Organic Verbena Extract
Organic Hypericum Extract

Gr/Ml 15