Large Hourglass Rollers – Pink 42mm /1.65in (Pack of 12)

Large Hourglass Rollers – Pink 42mm /1.65in (Pack of 12)

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Hourglass Rollers are the perfect tool for wet sets! These fully vented rollers aid in cutting drying time and are made for use with a pin or clip. The unique shape and smoothed grooves provide straighter, smoother results and hair clings for faster wet set.

If your hair is relaxed straight, naturally textured, loosely/tightly curled or transitioning, Hourglass Rollers will help stretch your hair from root to tip and smooth new growth better than magnetic rollers. The hourglass shape and rounded grooves of the roller helps hair to stay in place while rolling; great for both roller set beginners and professionals!

Hourglass Rollers are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly sturdy plastic material that is 100% recyclable.


  • Bouncier Curls
  • Use with pins or clips
  • Smooth grooves won’t harm hair
  • Cuts drying time up to half the time
  • Creates minimum tension for straighter roots and ends
  • Made to quickly dry wet set hair or be used with blow dryer
  • End visits to the salon OR take them with you and dry your hair faster

Available in Seven Convenient Sizes

  • White 47mm/1.85in – Pack of 6
  • Pink 42mm/1.65in – Pack of 12
  • Blue 37mm/1.46in  – Pack of 12
  • Aqua 32mm/1.26in  – Pack of 12
  • Yellow 27mm/1.06in  – Pack of 12
  • Orange 22mm/0.87in  – Pack of 12
  • Mini-Pink 17mm/0.66in  – Pack of 12