20% OFF -  2 Packs Blue + Hourglass Hair "P" Pins
20% OFF -  2 Packs Blue + Hourglass Hair "P" Pins
20% OFF -  2 Packs Blue + Hourglass Hair "P" Pins
20% OFF -  2 Packs Blue + Hourglass Hair "P" Pins
20% OFF -  2 Packs Blue + Hourglass Hair "P" Pins
20% OFF -  2 Packs Blue + Hourglass Hair "P" Pins

20% OFF - 2 Packs Blue + Hourglass Hair "P" Pins

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20% OFF package deal for 2 Blue 37mm/1.46in – Pack of 12 with Hourglass natural hair metal "P" pins.


 ✔️What You’ll Get: For your convenience, our unisex plastic hair curlers come in a set of 6. Each salon roller is approximately 47mm/1.85in size in diameter. Curlers for hair are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly sturdy plastic material that is 100% recyclable. Keep practicing with your curlers until you get the look you want

 ✔️Boost Your Hair’s Glam Factor: Full bodied and soft curls that will bring a beautiful lift to your hair for a polished look with no heat! Self Grip Hair curlers for all hair types: fine, thin, thick, short & long. These fully vented rollers aid in drying time and are made for use with a pin or clip.

 ✔️Super Easy To Use: To use big hair rollers, clean, dry, and brush your hair and apply hair products if you’d like more volume. Depending on how many curls you want, split your hair into 4 or more sections. Twist each section of your hair around the roller, let the curls set, and then gently shake out the curls with your fingers. You’ll love the results!

 ✔️Salon Feel At Home: Pamper yourself with these rollers hair curlers and you’ll feel like your hair was styled at the salon. Self-holding hair curlers can be used for as little as 10 minutes to 20 minutes for natural volume and salon-worthy hairstyle at home! You’ll love the soft, silky curls that these hair rolls make.

 ✔️Various Hair Styles: Curly hair wave, water hair wave, body hair waves small or bigger. Most hairstyles you can do as you like with these self holding rollers. Give these cute hair supplies to the women or girls in your life as a creative gift that they’ll actually use.


 Our hair rollers are made with the highest standard of quality. Creating the highest standard products and the best shopping experience for customers is our goal. The unique shape and smoothed grooves provide better curls and hair clings for faster wet set. These self holding rollers are suitable for women, men, girls and kids at home or other occasions. Our hair rollers give your hair a charming volume with curls or bounce. Easy to use and amazing results .DIY your style at home, unleash your charm! Rollers will help stretch your hair from root to tip and smooth new growth better than magnetic rollers. The shape and rounded grooves of the roller helps hair to stay in place while rolling; great for roller set beginners or professionals. It will give you the big bouncy curls, voluminous waves, and fullness you want. Keep you charming in any occasion. A practical styling tool which can help you braid all kinds of vintage hair style easily.

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